Well, hey there welcome! You know, you seem like the kind of person who appreciates great sound. So naturally you demand a lot from your headphones. You want the best right. Well, you have come to the right place.

Hey there I’m Caleb Denison for digital trends and that cheesy intro was brought to you by coffee coffee. I’ve had way too much of it. Okay, enough of that nonsense, let’s, get down to the business of laying out the best headphones you can buy in 2020.

So far, this list will change later this year and we & # 39. Ll have to shoot another video, but for now these are all really solid picks. We test tons of headphones every year. Many of us are musicians, some of us musicians who travel a lot.

Some musicians who exercise a lot. I’m. Definitely not one of those people. Some of us have kids, some of us game and wouldn’t. You know it there’s, a headphone out there for just about every need. So before we get to the very best headphones, you can buy, let’s, look at the best in a series of categories and we start with the best ear buds you can buy under a hundred bucks.

That honor goes to the one more triple driver, ear buds. These things have no business sounding so refined at this price point. In fact they redefine what you should expect from any headphone under $ 100.

The name refers to the fact that there are three individual transducers in each bud and they’ve been expertly tuned to sound like a 3 or $ 400 pair of headphones. They’re comfortable compact. There’s, an inline mic included and at 80 bucks they are a no-brainer get them next, let’s.

Talk about the best true wireless earbuds and our choice might surprise you right now we’re going with the Amazon echo buds. Yes, I know there are far better sounding true wireless earbuds and if you want to spend a lot more go for it, but we like these because they are true Wireless buds that everybody can get behind and most can afford at just 130 bucks.

You get solid, sound quality, Bose, noise reduction, good call, quality and well average battery life at about 5 hours with another 15 hours of charging coming from the case for the price you can’t beat this feature set now a close second, in my Opinion is the Samsung Galaxy buds, plus within insane 11 hours of playtime for charge and decent sound in a very compact, but they don’t sound as good as Amazon spuds, but they get the job done and they’re.

Also, only a hundred and fifty bucks next up are the Apple earpods Pro, which are the best buds for iPhone users. But honestly, if you have the money and can wait to get a parent since they are chronically out of stock, do it because – and I still can’t – believe I’m – saying this about an Apple earbud.

These things are awesome. The active noise-cancelling is best in its class, they are pretty comfortable battery, life is about average, and the sound quality is more than acceptable. I actually like it just fine audiophile grade.

No, that’s for the next set of buds, but overall these are some of the highest performing pair of true Wireless buds. You can get right now and for most folks they take all the right boxes. If you are serious about sound, I mean you want the best sound.

You can get from a pair of wireless buds with decent battery life and really solid noise cancelling. Then you want to look at the sony, WF 1000 xm3. These are luxurious and, like I said, the sound quality is fantastic.

So if that’s, your number one requirement buy with confidence. Oh and you & # 39. Ll need about 200 bucks for the pleasure that’s, a lot of buds, but how about some full-size cans? Well, for music lovers: we’re all about the Sennheiser HD 650, which you can also get from mass drop as the HD 6x X for $ 200.

These things sound amazing. It’s. Everything you expect from Sennheiser in the sound quality department for a shockingly low price. They are open, backed headphones. So not the best pick for office use.

People will hear what you’re listening to, but the open back design allows for extremely Airy, transparent and open sound with solid base and a mid-range that is so pure. You’ll, feel like you’re hearing your favorite singers for the first time got kids get them these.

I got these for my kids and they love them. These are the Pierrot, sound labs, Pierrot, quiet cans, and they will not only protect your kids ears, but they shut out the outside world with active noise-cancelling all in a kid sized wireless headphones.

They come in three colors, they sound great and they’re. A hundred bucks I mean: what more do you need now for the best of the best? This may come as no surprise as they top a lot of headphone lists. They are, of course, the Sony WH 1000 xm3 right now.

You can get them for about $ 300 and the best endorsement I can give them are that they are my personal favorite. I take these everywhere. I fly a lot. The noise canceling is outstanding, the sound quality is fantastic.

The battery life is excellent. There’s, almost nothing. I don’t like about these. I will say that the one thing that tends to disappoint people is that they only connect to one device at a time. Also, this pigtail charging cable is virtually useless.

These are the two things I want so need to address with the next version of these headphones, which will come out later this year, even when the next version does come out, though I’m, still going to be suggesting these, because the price will Go down while supplies last making them an even better slam-dunk.

I will say that if you’re, a hardcore business type, who takes a lot of phone calls with your headphones, you might want to check out the Bose ANC 700. They are super comfy. They sound great, have excellent noise cancelling, but, most importantly, they do phone calls really well the Sony’s.

Just aren’t that great attack couple of honorable mentions for work out headphones check out that jlabbe, epic, air sport or the Jabra elite active 75t. Both are excellent. Waterproof, solid, fitting options with lots of fitness perks built-in also for you gamers out there.

We are big fans of the Astro 850, which sound incredible, have an excellent mic and are comfortable enough to wear all day, which you probably will that’s our list folks. What do you think leave a comment down below about your favorite headphones like subscribe, bring that notification bell and always visit digital trends, calm for the latest tech news and reviews, [, Music, ],

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